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NanoTech Entertainment (NTEK) to Penetrate Asia Market through Graphin Distribution Deal; Products on Display at Japan Trade Show

NanoTech Entertainment, a tech company operating through five technology business units to encompass all aspects of the entertainment industry, has signed a distribution partnership with Graphin Co. to sell NanoTech & Seiki products in Japan. The company also announced that its 4K Ultra HD products are being exhibited to the Asian market at the largest machine vision industry event in Asia.

“We are excited to partner with NanoTech Entertainment to deliver their trusted 4K Ultra HD products to the Japanese market,” Kenji Kawano, director of sales & marketing at Graphin stated in the news release. “NanoTech Entertainment’s product will meet the emerging 4K/8K market’s needs. We will also be able to provide a better solution to customers by incorporating Graphin products with their product lines. We look forward to helping the Japanese marketplace expand through this partnership.”

NanoTech’s Nuvola NP-H1™ 4K Ultra HD media streaming player will be exhibited at the 2013 International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment trade show Partnering with Gate5 Films, where attendees can see original vertical 4K Ultra HD content displayed on a Seiki 50” 4K Ultra HD television running on the Nuvola NP-H1™ 4K Ultra HD.

The trade show is located at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center in Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan, December 4 – December 6.

“For years, I have created 4k and 5k content; yet, I was having to bring down the resolution to HD for playback and display,” said Greg McDonald of Gate 5 Films. “I am very excited about finally having a player that shows the details and color space of the original Ultra HD imagery that we capture.”

Jim Rossi, senior vice president of business services at NanoTech, added his sentiment.

“The ITE event is the right venue to promote the sale of the Nuvola NP-H1™ 4K Ultra HD player to the Asia market,” he said. “We are very pleased to have partnered with Graphin Co to sell our products in the Asia market and to have produced this amazing high-definition viewing experience. … With 4K technology, we’ll be displaying content with four times more pixels than current high-definition allows. It will definitely grab the attention of the attendees.”

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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) Slashes Price of nanoSign High-Def Device for Black Friday

NanoTech Entertainment, a technology company focused on all aspects of the entertainment industry via five specific technology business units, is participating on the merchant end of Black Friday (November 29) by placing its nanoSign™ high-definition device on sale for $99.

The nanoSign, an enhanced version based on the BrightSign TD1012 digital sign, is a portable HD digital display features a 12-hour battery life and multiple, free downloadable scenes. In addition, a built in Wi-Fi adapter allows for remote updating of content and control of internal speakers. The device ships with NanoTech’s HD digital fish display featuring a custom 40-minute aquarium from the Ambiance Digital Environments™ library.

“This is a great deal for our consumers,” NanoTech CEO Jeff Foley stated in the news release. “This has been a hot item for us, and we wanted to give our customers something they’d enjoy this Black Friday. The nanoSign is so much fun to enjoy with very little work. It is the gift everyone wants to have.”

Temporarily cutting the price of nanoSign is complementary to the company’s goal of delivering its technology, “the Future of EntertainmentSM,” to every American household. NanoTech selected the timely price reduction to coincide with the highly anticipated holiday rush for new devices, which is projected to generate in billions of dollars in sales in what is expected to be the busiest Black Friday to-date.

Normally priced at $499, the nanoSign will be available through the NanoTech Entertainment display store at and through

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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) Partners with NovoSensus to Enhance Future Line of Products

NanoTech Entertainment, a technology company operating through five business units to focus on all aspects of the entertainment industry, has formed a strategic partnership through a financial investment with the Silicon Valley startup, NovoSensus.

As a result of this new partnership, NanoTech will use NovoSensus’ real-time data technology to ensure that NanoTech’s future software and hardware products will utilize the latest methods for gathering analytical data for both its consumer and commercial products.

“NovoSensus is developing some of the world’s most dynamic and competitive real-time data solutions on the market,” Jeff Foley, CEO of NanoTech stated in the press release. “The team Phil has put together is second to none, and we have already been impressed by the technology demonstrations we have seen. Accessing real-time customer data and non-invasive, real-time demographic data is essential for our next generation of consumer and commercial electronics. We feel the team at NovoSensus will be delivering the best solution to meet this need.”

The partnership is also beneficial to NovoSensus, which continues to advance and introduce new technologies.

“We are excited NanoTech Entertainment has selected us as a partner for our real-time data technology. Having the backing from one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley is a great endorsement. We look forward to working with Jeff [Foley] and his team as we rollout our technology,” Phil Sakakihara, NovoSensus CEO and seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley stated in the news release.

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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) Enters Las Vegas Casino Gaming Industry with Recruitment of New VP

NanoTech Entertainment today announced the expansion of its executive team with the addition of Aaron Hightower. Mr. Hightower is responsible for the new Casino and Gaming Development Division, bringing over twenty years of experience in gaming design. Previously, Mr. Hightower worked as a lead engineer at IGT where he researched, developed, and presented new technologies and methods for creating compelling video gaming products for the gaming industry.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Aaron joining us,” stated Jeff Foley, CEO of NanoTech Entertainment. “His experience in repetitive gameplay designs will be invaluable to our team and his familiarity with the Las Vegas market will open even more doors for NanoTech in the gaming industry.”

Mr. Hightower’s specializes in ‘hardcore repeat gameplay’ – games with repetitive actions that result in various outcomes depending somewhat on strategy but mostly on chance. Most commonly, this type of gameplay is associated with arcade games and slot machines. Based in Las Vegas, Mr. Hightower has witnessed firsthand the need to revolutionize this type of gameplay with updated high definition displays.

“Right now there is an opportunity to bring Ultra HD 4K technology to the casino industry,” says Hightower. “NanoTech understands the value of expanding into this market as people will be able to experience 4K gaming in casinos before they have it in their homes. NanoTech is truly bringing the Future of TelevisionSM to consumers, and I am extremely excited to be part of this driven and forward-thinking team.”

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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) Subsidiary Demonstrates Successful Conversion of 35mm Film to 4K Resolution at American Film Market 2013

NanoTech Entertainment today announced the excellent success of its 35mm film conversion and 4K streaming demonstrations at The American Film Market (AFM) held in Santa Monica, CA, November 6-13. With the technologies, media and entertainment organizations can cost-effectively upgrade their vast libraries of standard and HD content to a resolution that is four times greater than full HD and can stream their films to the increasing number of 4K UHD TV set owners.

4K Studios, a NanoTech subsidiary based in San Francisco, made its debut at AFM. Using proprietary processes, the multi-million dollar facility focuses on the creation of original content shot and mastered in 4K Ultra Hi-Definition as well as the conversion of existing media into 4K digital content with a quality that cannot be acheived by 2K and full HD.

For the AFM demonstrations, 4K Studios converted David Pomes’ 2009 movie, Cook County, into 4K UltraHD and streamed the film through NanoTech Entertainment’s revolutionary Nuvola NP-H1™ 4K UltraHD media streaming player.

“Industry professionals who viewed the film were not only amazed at the incredible detail and sense of depth they were experiencing, they were surprised that the NanoTech technologies are available now,” said NanoTech Entertainment Vice President of Product Development Alex “Lx” Rudis. “Analysts are predicting robust sales for 4K TVs, but we all know from our experience with HD and 3D that sales will be driven by content availability.”

Futuresource, a specialist in tracking the distribution of entertainment to consumers, expects most global TV brands to launch a range of 4KTVs by the end of this year, with North America expected to be a key market due to the strong consumer appetite for large screens. With TV replacement cycles now at six to eight years, the market potential is there because consumers are ready to replace their early HD screens.

Dataxis, a global business intelligence firm that specializes in the telecom, TV, and media businesses, estimates there will be 2.2 million 4K TV households at the end of 2013, rising to 66.2 million by end-2018.

NanoTech’s Nuvola NP-H1 is a commercial-grade, plug-and-play 4K UltraHD media streaming player that will enable media and entertainment orgs to fill the need for 4K content and drive the demand for 4K devices. The player connects to 4K displays using an HDMI 1.4 output port that supports 5.1 channel audio through the HDMI cable. Designed for tough environments that require 24/7 operation, the NP-H1 is housed in a rugged aluminum case. Optional SSD drive support provides the highest 4K performance.


4K Studio’s basic service includes a 2-hour film scan, digital ICE correction, an audio sync file and hard drive delivered in Quicktime ProRes 4444 .MOV file for $9,995. Additional services are available for noise removal, color and brightness correction and multi-resolution .MP4 files compatible with every device on the market. For more information, call 1.408.414.7355, email or visit

NewTech’s commercial grade Nuvola NP-H1™ 4K UltraHD media streaming player is available now for $699 and is compatible with any brand of Television and a variety of content delivery services. Upgradeable and expandable, the player features a variety of industry standard ports including SD, eSATA, and USB 3.0 connections that allow for the installation of an assortment of accessories, options and storage attachments.

NanoTech also offers consumers of 4K TVs the Nuvola NP-1 4K Ultra HD Media player bundled with 10 videos in true 4K resolution, 10 video games and 5 multimedia applications for $299. In Q4 2013, users of the same 4K Media Player will be given access to a fee-based streaming video distribution service, UltraFlix, offering a library of 4K titles.

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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) Unveils Its 4K Studios™ at American Film Market 2013

NanoTech Entertainment, a technology company that targets all aspects of entertainment, today announced it will be showcasing its Nuvola NP-H1™ Ultra HD 4K media streaming player at the American Film Market 2013 in Santa Monica, California. The player will be featuring content that has been created by the company’s recently formed 4K Studios™. The film event will be taking place Wednesday, November 6 to the next Wednesday thereafter, November 13, 2013.

American Film Market 2013 is an ideal event for 4K Studios™ to make its debut, as it will offer 700 screenings of 400 films throughout the week. That’s 28 films every two hours, giving NanoTech Entertainment the perfect platform to engage event participants with its new technology. 4K Studios™ just opened this October under the leadership of Alex “Lx” Rudis, NanoTech Entertainment’s Vice President of Product Development.

Mr. Rudis remarks, “Now that 4K Studios™ is up-and-running, we can show our special ability to convert 35mm film into world-class Ultra HD 4K content. AFM is where the industry does major new film business, and we’re here to respond to the growing demand of the Ultra HD 4K marketplace. It’s truly incredible.”

With NanoTech Entertainment’s NP-H1 player, event participants will be able to view Cook County, the 2009 David Pomes’ movie, converted into Ultra HD 4K by 4K Studios™.

“The market wants Ultra HD 4K content. That’s why we’re responding quickly to that demand. We’re offering them Ultra HD 4K, something they can’t get anywhere else right now,” continued Mr. Rudis.

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NanoTech Entertainment (NTEK) and LumaForge Showcase 4K Technology to Industry Leaders at SMPTE 2013 Conference

NanoTech Entertainment, a technology company focused on all aspects of the digital entertainment industry, will display its Nuvola NP-H1™ 4K player at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers’ (SMPTE) 2013 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition October 22-24, 2013.

The SMPTE 2013 annual conference is the leading event for motion-imaging and media technology, production, operations, and the allied arts and sciences. Attendees of the event include world-renowned technology thought-leaders from motion picture studios, broadcast and distribution networks, production and postproduction communities, software companies, systems integrators, manufacturers, display technologies, distribution providers, and more.

Along with partner LumaForge, a Hollywood-based IT provider and digital workflow consulting firm, NTEK will show conference attendees footage shot on the Red EPIC® camera in 5K and rendered at 3840 x 2160 pixels, demonstrating the maximum level of detail and clarity of NETK’s 4K technology.

“The Nuvola 4K player displays the Red EPIC digital content beautifully on Seiki Digital 4K Ultra Hi-Def Televisions. We are very pleased to be working with LumaForge to provide the broadcast and post-production engineers at the SMPTE conference with an Ultra HD TV streaming solution,” Jim Rossi, the senior vice president of Business Services at NTEK stated in the news release.

Neil Smith, CEO of LumaForge, added that while certain 4K technologies are still in their development or early stage, NTEK has gotten a head start in the market.

“These are early days for the deployment of 4K Ultra Hi-Def TV streaming solutions into the home, but already NanoTech with their innovative Nuvola NP-H1 player is taking the lead in delivering cost-effective streaming appliances for the 4K Ultra Hi-Def TV market,” said Smith. “LumaForge and its strategic R&D partner, Ultra265, are joining forces with NanoTech to deliver the most efficient and reliable end-to-end 4K workflow for the production, post and delivery of stunning 4K Ultra Hi-Def imagery.”

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NanoTech Entertainment (NTEK) Selects Audit Firm for 2014 Financials

NanoTech Entertainment recently announced that it has retained Sadler, Gibb and Associates LLC as its audit firm as it prepared to file its audited financials in 2014. The entertainment technology company has used Sadler, Gibb and Associates in the past.

Jeff Foley, NanoTech’s CEO, commented, “We have had a great relationship with Sadler, Gibb and really enjoy working with their team. They have a great dedicated team and already have a wonderful foundation with NanoTech making them the natural choice to work with us as we continue to expand.”

NanoTech made news earlier this year when it announced its intention to move up to the OTCQB at its Annual Shareholders Meeting. This move is the first step to uplisting further to a next level exchange, and is just another sign of the company’s continued growth.

NanoTech continues to grow and expand, having recently moved out of the research and development phase. The company expects to continue expanding during the second half of 2013.

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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) Continues Strong Positioning in Multiple Entertainment Industries with Established Business Units

Consumer expectations for entertainment are constantly changing, looking for new or enhanced formats or ways for engagement. Companies that hope to keep pace with that demand must move forward with great creative fervor, innovating new ways to deliver compelling entertainment, improving existing material, or creating products and technologies that reinforce an existing product or technology’s capabilities.

Entertainment technology company NanoTech Entertainment is an example of just that. Since mid-2011, it has charged ahead with full aplomb, exploring and creating new technologies and products for multiple facets in the entertainment industry through five business units. Among these five enterprises, NanoTech Entertainment’s three earlier-established business units, NanoTech Gaming Labs LLC, NanoTech Media, and NanoTech Communications, have been instrumental in positioning NanoTech Entertainment into strong industry footholds for targeting and meeting current and ever-evolving entertainment consumption trends.

Specifically, NanoTech Entertainment’s three established business units are involved in the following areas:

1) NanoTech Gaming Labs’ focus is on development of technologies and products for the gaming market and licensing them to third-parties for manufacturing and distribution. Specific niches of focus within the gaming market include the social, consumer, coin-op, and casino niche markets. The company’s team is filled with seasoned gaming industry veterans who have been collectively responsible for dozens of award-winning products and multi-million-copy-selling video games and technology.

Many of NanoTech Gaming’s creations enhance or improve existing pinball or arcade game systems and technology or deliver customized gaming experiences to users in those same formats.

2) NanoTech Media is NanoTech Entertainment’s venture into the emerging Internet Protocol Television Market (“IPTV”). This enterprises pledges “to change the future of television” by harnessing new technologies it develops and original content it publishes on a wide range of content delivery platforms. The platforms include the Roku streaming player, a market leader in streaming entertainment devices for TV; Android; iPhone; iPad; BlackBerry; Windows Phone; and PCs and Mac computers with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers accessibility.

For published original content delivery demands, NanoTech Media offers four channels with highly unique niche or interest targets:

  • Big App Show, a daily interactive channel for mobile phone platform users that features full-screen demos of the latest and hottest ‘gotta-have-‘em’ apps.
  • No Agenda, a compelling, free-flowing discussion of current events and social news with unique spins, humor, and flavorful commentary.
  • TechnoTV, a channel that features dance music from the hottest clubs and DJs in the world along with a rotating playlist.
  • Ambiance Digital Environments, a channel that lets channel surfers simulate in HD on their TVs multiple environments such as a fireplace, fish aquarium, or the depths of the ocean with just the touch of a fingertip.

3) NanoTech Communications is an emerging force in the mobile or smartphone space, focusing on development of technology and apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. It is NanoTech Entertainment’s most recently created enterprise of the three. The company publishes original apps, licenses, and distributes licensed apps, as well as develops and licenses proprietary mobile technology to third parties. It promises to usher in a new future for entertainment in the smartphone industry.

Current available data for 2013 company performance shows that NanoTech Entertainment has bringing in record revenues thus far. With the strong number of partnership formations it has formed in 2013 and the potential it seems to hold for the future, NanoTech Entertainment is a solid position to keep up-to-speed with changes in consumer expectations and scale to new, industry-defining peaks of entertainment content delivery and experience-providing.

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NanoTech Entertainment (NTEK) Adopts Top Industry Guidelines with Inclusion to HDCP Licensee Group

NanoTech Entertainment, a technology company that focuses on all aspects of the entertainment industry, is now a member of the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) Licensee Group.

HDCP is an encrypted protocol that prevents unauthorized access to protected content. All NanoTech HDMI® (high-definition multimedia interface) products are designed to be fully HDCP compliant, which enables customers to copy protected content across their networks.

As a member of the licensing group, NTEK’s HDMI®-based products, including the upcoming Nuvola NP-1™, NP-C™ and NP-S1™ , will be fully compatible with all content-protected video sources and HDCP-compliant monitors, projectors, or other display devices.

NTEK CEO Jeff Foley says HDCP membership enables the company to provide its customer base with the highest level of protection of digital content.

“Becoming an HDCP licensed member and adding HDCP support is an important step for NanoTech to guarantee its content providers and customers the compatibility and reliability they require,” Foley stated via news release. “We are delivering The Future of Television with our state of the art Nuvola family of products, and it’s vital that we provide the most comprehensive protection of intellectual property that can be offered.”

NTEK can be found on the HDCP Licensee website at

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